2# Rant of the week

Why is it that no matter what mobile phone company you go with, you always have problems?

My rant this week is all about the lovely company Virgin Media. At home we have the TV, internet and landline with them, and my mobile phone contract is with them aswell. When my phone contract first started, it was (almost) absolutely fine. But in the last 6 months, they have gotten every single phone bill wrong. The first time I noticed it, it said on the ‘my account’ page that I had apparently made phonecalls/texts to an American mobile number! I don’t even know anyone in America that I could text or ring. It’s ridiculous, and they were trying to charge me for it. The second time it happened, it said on the bill that I had apparently ran up almost £10 worth of phonecalls with numerous different 08 numbers!? Considering I’m only a college student and the only people I contact on my phone are my friends and family, I don’t even know how they think I’ve done that. After these first two times, I rang them up to get the charges taken off. Fair enough, the man on the phone did apologise and they did take it off, but it still shouldn’t have happened in the first place, let alone twice!

The next months phone bill comes through, and they’ve messed it up again. This time in a different way though. Because I have the TV and everything else with them, my phonebill is discounted. But they didn’t take the discount off, making the bill twice as expensive as what it normally is! Yet again, I rang them up, and again, they did sort it, but I really don’t think that’s the point. I shouldn’t have to ring up every single month to get the bill corrected. Every single month since up until now they have not taken the discount off, and I have had to ring up to get them to manually do it! Why can’t they just sort it out so that it doesn’t happen anymore?

I would just leave them when my contract ends (which isn’t that long now), but if I do then I won’t get the same discounts that I get now. Bummer. It’s so horrible aswell having to try and explain to my mum that I haven’t actually gone over every month, she freaks out and thinks that I have, probably because when I was younger I did actually used to go over the contract all the time. But I don’t anymore!

So please Virgin Media, SORT IT OUT!


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