3# Rant of the week

It feels like it’s been a lot longer than a week since my last rant.. this week I’m ranting about education, again. The academic year below me, which is year twelve I think, are the first of students to be affected by the new changes in education, which is that students must stay within education until they are eighteen now. So that could be college, sixth form, an apprenticeship or employment that has a proper training scheme. I’m not bothered by the fact that the changes didn’t effect me, I chose to stay in education anyway. But that’s the thing, I chose to. This means that all of the years below me didn’t get to make that choice, only the choice of where they want to go. And this is what I have a problem with.

When I was leaving school I was scared of what would happen next, but I was also so excited to start college at the same time. In school, I had always found it irritating when you get those people in the class who ruin the lesson for everyone else because of their misbehaving (yes I know, call me a keener), but I was most looking forward to the maturity at college, where this wouldn’t happen anywhere near as much. And my expectations were fulfilled, I didn’t have to put up with those annoying people in the class. However now that the choice to stay in education or not has been taken away, the new year group in college is full of those annoying people! I get it, sometimes we don’t want to do anything, or we’re bored, but that doesn’t mean that you have to ruin it for everyone else!

College actually feels like school again now. And I liked college, I didn’t like school.


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