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Another year to pull through..

2013 went incredibly fast, didn’t it? It felt like just yesterday I was celebrating last christmas with my family. Every year so many people make new years resolutions, but I’ve noticed rarely anyone sticks to them. I don’t normally decide on things I’m going to change each year (I like to deal with my problems as they happen, instead of waiting until January), however this year I think I will set myself some goals. They are not things that I want to change, or things that I want to stop doing, instead they are things that I want to start doing to try and better myself.

For the past couple of months I’ve been thinking long and hard about the aspects of my life that I feel the least happy with. The main ideas I came up with all pretty much relate to my health. The rest, college.

The first thing I want to start doing is to exercise for at least 2 hours a week. I think that’s what you’re meant to do anyway. I found an amazing website that has workouts on it for targeting all areas of the body, at all different strength/flexibility levels. Its called Fitness Blender , and it’s something definitely worth looking at. Best of all, its completely free! I want to start exercising more so that I can become more flexible and strong. I don’t want to lose weight, it would just be nice to feel a lot better.

The second thing is to start doing yoga. I’ve wanted to do it for ages, but I’d never decided on when to start and what I’m actually going to do. I’d looked at it on the internet a few times, but the majority of yoga websites seemed to vary in what ‘type’ of yoga it was. I didn’t even know there were different types! But now I’ve finally found a decent website with free yoga programmes on it for all levels. Hopefully in doing this I will achieve things such as feeling more energised/ better sleep/ less stress.

The third thing is something I don’t really have a choice over. I need to make sure I am in college literally every single day, even if I’m dying. The amount of time I missed from college nearly resulted in them kicking me out, and now I’m trying to keep my attendance the best it can be so that hopefully they won’t make me pay for the exams as well.. which is ridiculously expensive.

I hope I start feeling benefits soon!

Has education really done me any good?

Of course it has. Well, sort of. Yeah okay, when I do eventually finish education I will be in a better position in terms of getting the job I want, but I actually think that my whole journey of education has done more bad than good. I miss the days when I was much younger and I believed that the world was an amazing place where you can be who you want to be, and do what you want to do. I genuinely thought that 99% of the world was good, and that only 1% of the world were ‘badies’. Couldn’t I have been left to believe that? No. Education had to come along and ruin what I once believed to be true,  and replace it with fear, pressure and ‘suggestions’ (I say suggestions because in so many subjects, the things we have been discussing haven’t always been proved true).

I want to go back. I don’t want to know about how messed up the world is. I don’t want to see how many people have died due to other people’s faults, and I definitely don’t want to be exposed to the constant reminder than its only going to get worse!  I would much rather remain naive to it all.

Growing up never used to scare me. I couldn’t wait to have my own house and go to loads of other countries and to pursue a career. Now I wanna run back through time to when the biggest problem I had was what plastic food I should cook in my plastic oven. But even that’s not as innocent as I thought it was, in college we have been looking at feminism, and one of the massive arguments they put across – the sexualisation of young children. The stereotypes of what gender you are is spoon fed from birth. I was always aware of things such as girls clothes being pink and boys clothes being blue, but it actually wasn’t until I started to pay attention to it that I realised its so much more than that! The products for children go hand in hand with the media that is made for them, for example retailers selling children’s toys have princess dresses, small make-up sets, things with fairy’s, toys related to cooking/cleaning. The movies for children (in particular, Disney films) all show women doing/using the same things that the toys encourage, such as Disney princesses cleaning, cooking, and being passive. Boys have loads of toys to do with fighting, action and working, such as toy guns, trains, police/cowboy sets. And in the movies for boys, the men are always presented as heroes, as hardworking, as ready to fight. No wonder we live in a society where there is still inequality.

Do the things we need in life have to get any more expensive? How are young people actually supposed to make a life for themselves anymore? I’m terrified for when the time comes when I am buying a property. I’m not going to be able to have a house anywhere near as nice as my parents first house. And mine will probably cost twice as much. I still can’t even drive yet, and I’m constantly thinking whether there’s any point! Car insurance is ridiculous. How can it be nearly £3000 for me, and less than £100 for my mum, for the year, even if I bought a car that should technically be less on insurance. I partially understand that many young people on the road are irresponsible, however I think that they should re-think how they do insurance. Instead of making all young people’s insurance so expensive, they should make it normal in comparison to insurance for other ages. If a young person were to have an accident (whether it was because they were being irresponsible or not), the insurance should then be increased accordingly. Not only would this make it fairer for young people who are responsible, which I believe is the majority, but it would also encourage those who might not normally be as responsible to drive more carefully, otherwise they will have to pay more!

Anyway, I’m going to stop now. This is starting to turn into a rant instead!

Why I decided to start to a blog..

There are many reasons why I decided to start my own blog.. first of all, boredom.

I am constantly searching for something to occupy my time (or help me avoid doing my college work!), and I have looked at so many different things now. Sewing, scrapbooking, and learning an instrument, just to name a view. But there’s one problem I’ve had with all of those things that I have tried – I suck at them. I can’t do it. I get frustrated, I look online for help, and only end up seeing amazing things that people have done which leaves me thinking “why can’t I do that?” or “am I the only person in the world who doesn’t have some sort of skill or talent?”.

And thus, I have ended up here. It’s quite hard to start a blog, isn’t it? I thought it would be easy, but there’s so many platforms to choose from, and so many things to customise. To be honest, I still don’t understand it. Oh well.

A few weeks ago I tried to start writing a diary. I did manage to write something inside it everyday, but the majority of the time it was pointless waffle. Writing a diary is so demanding. Just being able to see the physical size of the page was something that really bothered me – it made me feel like I had to fill the whole page every time. Then there was also the problem of forgetting to write something for the day, which made my diary look scruffy and disorganised. So I decided. The demands of a diary are too much for me.

There will be no structure to this blog, no specific point of focus. I think I will have some random thoughts, maybe a rant a week, and a great idea I thought of earlier – what I would write in a letter to someone if I had the chance. Hopefully in doing this, my time will be filled, and an audience somewhere might have something they enjoy reading!